Becoming a Referee has never been easier!  

With an increase in the number of games this season, now is the time to upskill and get involved. 

  • Have you been actively involved as a referee in the past? 
  • Do you occasionally run the middle for youth or junior games? 
  • Have you recently stopped playing and would like to continue being involved?   

Do the online course! 

It's FREE and there is no obligation to be available for the senior games. 

  • Improve your skills and knowledge of the game. 
  • Support your local community. 
  • Be involved and build networks and friendships. 
  • Develop leadership qualities and enjoy fitness benefits. 
  • Build teamwork and communication skills. 
  • Secure financial compensation. 

Ultimately the very best place to watch a game of Football is from the middle! ​​​​​​​

Click the link above and find a course for you or contact Referee Development Officer Iain MacFadyen / 02102569751 for a chat about what’s involved. 

Being a football referee comes with various benefits, including:

Deep Understanding of the Game: Referees gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the rules and intricacies of football/soccer.

Fitness and Health: Refereeing requires physical fitness, leading to improved health and well-being.

Leadership Skills: Referees develop leadership qualities such as decision-making, conflict resolution, and assertiveness.

Enhanced Communication: Referees learn effective communication skills with players, coaches, and officials, which are transferable to other areas of life.

Teamwork:  Working with assistant referees and other officials fosters teamwork and collaboration.

Mental Toughness: Dealing with high-pressure situations on the field helps referees develop mental resilience and composure.

Respect and Fair Play: Promoting fair play and earning respect from players and spectators contribute to personal development and character building.

Networking Opportunities: Refereeing provides opportunities to network with other officials, coaches, and players, potentially leading to new opportunities and friendships.

Financial Compensation: Referees at higher levels can earn income through match fees, tournaments, and officiating at professional levels.

Contribution to the Game: Referees play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and spirit of the game, contributing to its overall success and enjoyment.