Coaching Education  2022

NZF Junior Level 1 Coaching Award 

Where:            Rec Park Centre, Golden Bay

When:             Wednesday 10th May 2023

Time:               5.30pm-8.30pm

Cost:               FREE

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Where:   Saxton Sports House
When:     Sunday 15th October 2023
Time:       4.00pm-7.00pm
Cost:        Free

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Coach Education/Development

To help coaches get the best out of themselves and their players, New Zealand Football’s Coach Education framework offers a range of high-quality flexible options ranging from junior and youth football right through to courses for coaches working in the senior competitive arena.

There are three age-related pathways so that coaches can choose relevant and applicable learning opportunities that are specific to their coaching needs. 

The New Zealand Football and Mainland Football approach is founded on the following principles:

  • Appropriate for New Zealand – reflective of New Zealand’s unique culture and football environment
  • Flexible – providing coaches with more choice and a higher degree of ownership in selecting and following their own development pathway
  • Player Centred – based on the needs of the players and designed to meet the age-related development needs of players throughout the game
  • Applicable and practical – ‘on-the-job learning’ experiences (creating and recognising learning experiences in the coaching environment)
  • Life-long learning – promoting continued personal development and self-responsibility for learning

The new approach will provide a myriad of learning opportunities that allow coaches to identify and access personal development that corresponds with the players they are coaching and their specific developmental needs.

The New Zealand Football Coach Education Pathway has courses available at all levels of the game including Junior, Youth and Senior. Each course provides coaches with age-appropriate learning to enhance their player's experience and development in the game. Find out more about each course and what it offers by clicking here.

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