Youth Coaching Courses

Level 1 Youth Coaching Award

This four hour workshop provides coaches with an introduction into age-appropriate, effective coaching for players aged 12-19 years. The course of learning focuses specifically on developing youth football players and the considerations for coaches working with this community of players. The content provides a general overview of the ‘What’ and ‘How’ of coaching, with this age group of players, through an interactive and practical approach. This course is perfect for coaches who want to develop a general knowledge and skill base around youth coaching and those who aim to improve their effectiveness with their players.

What's on offer:

  • Formal qualification - silver & gold levels
  • Understanding players' age related characteristics and needs
  • Introduction to a player-centred coaching philosophy for youth coaches
  • Developing player-centred coaching tools
  • Practice planning and delivering age and football development stage appropriate activities
  • Training catalogue for players transitioning from the intermediate to the advanced stage of development (12 -19 years)
  • Training catalalogue for players in the advanced stage of development (12 - 19 years)

Contact: Contact your local federation for more details


Level 2 Youth Coaching Certificate

This level of development introduces coaches to a new modular learning system. The system is designed to provide you with a smorgasbord of bite sized learning opportunities that when accumulated develop your knowledge and skills in a wide range of coaching related subject areas.

The module content has been carefully designed to provide you with the relevant knowledge and skills to progress your learning and help you to work effectively within this particular age group of players. The modules have been classified as either age specific modules or generic modules.

The generic modules involve content and learning that is relevant to all coaches regardless of the age of the players they coach, i.e. Player Centred Coaching and the specific modules contain content that is relevant to a designated community of players (i.e. Game Day Coaching 9v9 & 11v11). These modules are perfect for beginner and developing coaches who want to increase their effectiveness in key areas of coaching pertaining to youth players.

What's on offer:

Module 1: Gamed Day Coaching 9v9 & 11v11 (4 hours)

  • Creating a game day coaching philosophy
  • Understanding the needs of your players on game days
  • Introducing a system of play to youth players
  • Overview of the basic tactics and principles of play and diagnosing football problems to support player learning
  • Developing player-centred coaching strategies to support player learning on game day

Module 2: Player-Centred Coaching Tools (4 hours)

  • Understanding how to use the "Teaching Games For Understanding" coaching tool
  • Understanding how to use "questioning" effectively
  • Understanding how players learn and developing strategies to promote learning
  • Practical coaching ideas to develop a player centred approach to coaching

Contact: Contact your local federation for more details