Coaching Pathways

New Zealand Football's coaching courses are available in three age-related pathways so that coaches can choose relevant and applicable learning opportunities that are specific to their coaching needs.

Coaching Development Framework

The framework provides coaches with a wide range of development opportunities that prepare them to effectively meet the age related and developmental needs of the players they work with.

In 2009 New Zealand Football introduced a number of new courses in the junior and youth coaching pathways and will progressively introduce more learning opportunities on year until the framework is complete. 


NZF Coaching Courses

For more information on individual coaching courses follow the links below or download the latest Initiates file downloadNZF Coach Development Guide.

Junior Coaching Courses:

Introduction to Small Whites Coaching ( 6-12 years)
Level 1 Junior Football Coaching Award (6-8 years & 9-12 years)
Level 2 Junior Football Coaching Certificate Modules (6-12 years)

Youth Coaching Courses:

Level 1 Youth Coaching Certificate (12-19 years)
Level 2 Youth Coaching Certificate (12-19 years)

Senior Coaching Courses: 

Level 2 Senior Coaching Certificate (19+ years)
Level 3 Senior Coaching Certificate (19+ years)


To enquire about any of the courses above please contact:

NZF RCDM Michael De Bono or 021 734 382

Mainland Football                     03 355 4976