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CURN_R7300WoolstonTech Club of the Week.jpg
CURN_R7303Ben Harris challenges for a high ball.jpg
CURN_R7305Tom Lancaster(CUman of the match) in action.jpg
CURN_R7306Paul Dirou puts in a tackle.jpg
CURN_R7307Captain Dan Terris challenges former CU & Bays striker Greg Draper.jpg
CURN_R7308Russell Kamo weaves through the midfield.jpg
CURN_R7309Aaron Clapham working his way down the line coach Keith Braithewaite watches on.jpg
CURN_R7311Robbies Hill .jpg
CURN_R7312Young supporters watching their team.jpg
CURN_R7313Daniel Burns shepherd the ball.jpg
CURN_R7314Tom Lancaster in the thick of it.jpg
CURN_R7315Supporters line the fence in front of Robbies Hill.jpg
CURN_R7316Woolston Tech provide the half time entertainment.jpg

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